A new Logo for Nottingham?

Nottingham Post has called out a competion for a new Nottingham(shire) Logo. You know we can’t resist a competition, so here is the first look at our offer:

Logo – Nottingham: Land of Legends

In this version of the Word/Picture Trademark we have visually referenced the various persons who have made the city and shire internationally famous:

The typefont bridges the historical and modern, slightly frilled, but sporting a series of parallel stiff lines from the lower left to the upper right, symbolizing an increase, a rise in value.

The crown is a homage to William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army.

The Bow, the iconic accoutrement of Nottingham’s internationally known legend and a remembrance to the old council house street lights, spans and frames the artistic references below in the very center of attention.

The Pen represents famous writers like Lord Byron, D.H. Lawrence, or Alan Sillitoe

The Microphone a modern reference to musicians like Graham Russell, Ian Paice, or Bruce Dickinson.

A Paint brush reminds us of artistic Kate Greenaway or Sir Paul Smith.

That the items build an “N” of sorts is a whimsical wink at a previous logo.

(Should voices relate that sportsmen like Brian Howard Clough fail, certainly the arc of a Football would fit under the crown.)

The “Land of Legends” claim comes doubled for reinforcement and forms the drawstring creating an overall image of the letter N on a wide shield.

Finally, friends of Gotham will find the outline of the logo strangely familiar…

(C) 2016 Triune Marketing